Abstract Colors by Alessandro Pautasso

Abstract Colors by Alessandro Pautasso 7

Alessandro Pautasso is a graphic designer and illustrator who does great in vector art by depicting Hollywood stars with a fresh insight.

Turin- based Alessandro Pautasso (aka Kaneda) is a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator whose specialty lies in vector art and mixed media with showering fragments of scintillating color. Known for his energetic style of abstract geometric shapes in vivid colors, it was when Alessandro discovered an illustration book about the Beatles by Alan Aldridge that he realized that he wanted to actually become a designer/illustrator. Attracted by the visual arts, he started working in the field of commercial art and simultaneously focused on the so-called digital art.

Alessandro Pautasso uses his talent in addition to digital programs as adobe Photoshop or adobe illustrator to illustrate his idea. The concept of integration makes the picture complete.

Yes, Pautasso’s scintillating work, built with polygonal shards mixing freely with flowing lines and layered sections, all individually styled with color in an effortless visual riot is absolutely delightful. This is probably the very epitome of eye candy.

Remember: While most of his pieces are portraits, Alessandro Pautasso’s style applied to anatomy is just awesome. The first poster was created for the Milan Bicycle Film Festival 2013 and the second for Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic Campaign,” which is haunting and beautiful at the same time.



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