Analogone One Bicycle by GRAINWORKS

Analogone One Bicycle by GRAINWORKS 8

The stunning AnalogOne.One is a beautifully carved wooden bicycle custom built to fit your size, designed by Mike Pecsok of Grainworks. trans Analogone One Bicycle by GRAINWORKS

Grainworks, based in Camarill, California, is actually the name of the brand created by Mike Pecsok. And the AnalogOne.One is its latest baby, a bicycle combining wood (a combination of wood, like African mahogany, walnut, birch-plywood) and steel (a mainframe consisting of nine layers that are laminated together), beauty and functionality, made on-demand to meet the buyer’s specifications. While each bike is unique, the standard components do include a Gates CDX belt drive, RaceFace Cranks, Niner fork and bars, Avid 7 or above brakes, and Azonic wheels with Schwalbe Big Apple tires. And it only weighs weighs 28Ibs 3oz. Which is an accomplishment (could be a lot heavier) but makes it not the fastest bike on earth. But then again, this is not a bike you buy to ease your thirst for speed.

The AnalogOne.One costs $5,000 but what you get in return is a bike as exquisite as it gets, absolutely unique. As a former furniture designer, Pecsok has managed to accomplish the almost impossible: combine his talents with his passion for bicycles to create true works of art.

All in all, yes, this is one of the most beautiful bikes on the market today.


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