Anamorphic Illusions by Street Art Collective Truly Design in Lausanne

Oops, Turin-based street art collective Truly Design did it again. One of their new projects is a collaboration with the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne, as part of an “Art on Science” public exhibition, focused primarily on optical illusions. These are truly intelligent pieces that quietly subvert the cliches of traditional optical art into something exquisite and quite exciting.

A great opportunity for a reflection on science and human ambition.This is our tribute to Vanitas, a widely depicted theme in the history of arts. Alongside symbols of worldly ambition, scientific accomplishments, and vanity, we find allegories of the frail and transient nature of our existence. Far from being a morbid or bleak rebuke, it is an invitation to treasure in humbleness every instant of our precious lives“, they stated later.

Truly Design Visual Communication Studio was born in 2003 as a graffiti crew formed by four friends who have been sharing a passion for street art since their teenage years. Curious, passionate and since always dedicated to experimentation, they derive their inspiration mostly from traditional painting, graphic design and illustration. “We are specialized in urban art, illustration and graphic design for commercial and artistic projects. Our work has been published in numerous editions and has been showcased in various collective and solo exhibitions. We also participate in the teaching of academic courses and, in cooperation with companies and institutions, we organize workshops and team building activities”.

Italians can jump? Oh, yes they truly can. Even if in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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