AnestasiA vodka by Karim Rashid: Drink up

AnestasiA vodka by Karim Rashid

AnestasiA Vodka is premium vodka packaged in a sensational bottle designed by his Majesty, Karim Rashid. It came to light this summer. And remains to this day this year’s object of desire.

AnestasiA is an organic-based vodka infused with a tingling patent pending formula. Surprisingly, it is not made in Russia or even Sweden, but in Bend, Oregon.

What makes this world-class spirit unique are basically its two taste-defining ingredients, Cascade Mountain spring water and locally grown organic corn. It is five times filtered through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock as well as five times distilled.

But the best part is definitely the futuristic bottle, comprised of a multitude of glass panels for a distinctive faceted look. This dramatic looking packaging strongly reminds us of processed obsidian crystals and carries the heavy signature of no other but the master himself, industrial designer Karim Rashid. The “sharpness” of the design is a perfect visual match and a distinctive reference to the clean, refined taste of a premium quintuple distilled vodka.

And, by the way, Rashid’s sharp bottle is manufactured in Italy by no other than the notorious Bruni Glass and it is made entirely of recycled materials.

If that’s no sensorial escape that deconstructs the day and tingles everything it touches (be it mouth, tongue, eyes), than there is none out there.




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