Animals in Moiré by Andrea Minini

Animals in Moiré by Andrea Minini 3

Introducing “Animals in Moiré” series by Milan-based illustrator and artist Andrea Minini.

Andrea Minini’s “Animals in Moiré” use a style pattern known as moiré, in which the interplay of multiple sets of lines actually creates depth and contour.

The moiré pattern can be used to animate images, but in mathematics, physics, and art, a moiré pattern is a secondary and visually evident superimposed pattern created, for example, when two identical (usually transparent) patterns on a flat or curved surface (such as closely spaced straight lines drawn radiating from a point or taking the form of a grid) are overlaid while displaced or rotated a small amount from one another.  The term originates from moire (moiré in its French adjectival form), a type of textile, traditionally of silk but now also of cotton or synthetic fiber, with a rippled or “watered” appearance.

As Andrea Minini’s patterns grew more and more complex and her illustrations began to take shape, the animals which they portrayed managed to finally take on life-like qualities (just check out the gorilla and his expression, his mouth). We loved these animals, with each seeming ready to spring off the canvas. Do note that all of them are now available through his behance page.



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