Bacoc Hacienda in the Yucatan Peninsula

Bacoc Hacienda in the Yucatan Peninsula 4

Award winning architect Salvador Reyes Rios recently designed this cutting edge villa called Bacoc Hacienda on the site of a Mayan platform in the Yucatan peninsula.

This 19th century hacienda has spent many years in abandonment. In the last few decades, its main house stood with preserved stone masonry without a roof, just an empty shell of what it was over 100 years before.  But recently, a new owner purchased the hacienda with the dream of restoring it into a traditional and yet contemporary residence.

Bacoc Hacienda in the Yucatan Peninsula is the work of Salvador Reyes Rios and Larrain Arquitectos.  It features a symmetrically-balanced design from its front facing vantage, with two living spaces joined by a central courtyard that includes ruins from the original hacienda.  The rear side of the home faces lush tropical greenery that brings out the color of the environment while providing privacy for the home’s occupants.  A long, calm pool stretches out from the rear section and looks out into the distance beyond.

The Reyes Rios + Larrain Studio of Architecture and Design is located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Founded by Architect Salvador Reyes Rios and Josefina Larrain Lagos, their award-winning work has established the standard for colonial remodeling and hacienda restoration in Mexico. Many of the former colonial mansions and haciendas in the state of Yucatan and elsewhere in Mexico have been converted to luxury hotels and private homes under their supervision.

The interior of the home uses passive cooling and strategically-placed skylights that illuminate the inside during the day and despite its contemporary form, the interior feels rustic by design, where wooden accents and earthy stucco line the walls.

This hacienda is a two hundred acre private estate four kilometers from the nearest village and 30 minutes from Merida and Izamal. This luxurious home has stunning views of rolling lawns and lush orchards. The 10 acre walled garden affords you a quiet and secure vacation in tranquil privacy. The hacienda was featured in the September 2011 Issue of Architectural Digest Mexico.

The house is divided into private and public areas separated by a large open breezeway. The living room, office, kitchen dining room are in one wing.There is an Outdoor Dining and Living area in the center of the house. In the private wing there are 2 Guests Rooms and a Master Bedroom each with large bathrooms with private gardens. There is a sunning terrace beside the pool and a roof terrace for star gazing or serious sun worshippers. The maid and head gardener live in the gate house and are on call 24 hours. The grounds include a chapel, a shady pavilion by the pond and the ruins of the old henequen processing ‘casa des maquinas”. There are extensive tropical gardens and both citrus and fruit orchards.


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