Baleia Condominios by Studio Arthur Casas

Condominio Baleia by Studio Arthur Casas 14

Built on the beach of Baleia, in Brazil, near São Paulo, the 2340.0 sqm Baleia Condominios (four slightly unaligned weekend houses for an art collector, as a client) by Studio Arthur Casas with their terraces, pools, grass fields and flat roofs, are most definitely a masterpiece of architecture.

We loved it at first sight. And not just because there’s a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, and a sauna on the basement in front of each terrace. Nor because of the furniture which is mainly composed by vintage Brazilian  pieces, as the Mole armchair by Sérgio Rodrigues. But, perhaps, it was the fact that they manage to accentuate the untouched character of this remote beach.


All images were shot by and are courtesy of  FG+SG | Fernando Guerra.



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