Bang & Olufsen A9 Nordic Sky wireless speaker

Bang & Olufsen A9 Nordic Sky wireless speaker 5

Bang & Olufsen have produced a limited edition series of wireless speakers for their A9 stereo system. 

Bang & Olufsen will debut a Nordic Sky edition of its award winning BeoPlay A9 premium speaker this week in select locations around the world. The new BeoPlay A9 NordicSky edition is revolutionary as it pays homage to one of the most celebrated aspects of Scandinavian design and architecture: The use of light to set the mood. BeoPlay A9 Nordic Sky Edition comes in three different variants that are reflective of the unique Scandinavian long summer nights. Its design philosophy is to capture the sun’s positioning, just below the horizon, still elegantly illuminating the sky and keeping the nights long and intense. Therefore, there are three Nordic Sky colors offered in twilight, dawn and dusk variants – to keep the memory and beauty of summer alive all year long.
“From the sweet blue lights at Twilight to the green darkness of Dawn and all the way to the eerie redness of Dusk, the three different editions of Nordic Sky let you dress up your BeoPlay A9 and change its appearance to match your mood,” says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Head of Creative Center, Bang & Olufsen.

“We’ve captured and recreated the essence of Scandinavian summer and made it part of our product concept. We cherish and celebrate light up here in the north – and Nordic Sky is just that, a celebration. The way that a song can invoke memories so can the feeling of a summer night spent outside with those close to you” says Marie Kristine Schmidt and continues “and with a launch here in August as darkness looms we’re hoping to extend summer just a bit.”

Nordic Sky is available in 3 different editions: Twilight (blue gradient, legs made of oak tree, blue feet), Dawn (green gradient, legs made of beech tree, grey feet), Dusk (red gradient, legs made of walnut tree, pink feet).

“BeoPlay A9 is instantly recognizable but at the same time ever changing and able to stay fashionable whatever the season,” says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Corporate Vice President of B&O PLAY. “We’ve succeeded in creating a modern design classic with BeoPlay A9 and one of the greatest things about the product is your ability to give it a personal touch – and make it ‘just yours’. We believe Nordic Sky is a testament to that strength.”

Nordic Sky will be launched at the Copenhagen Fashion Week at selected shows. Available at Bang & Olufsen stores,, the B&O PLAY online store ( this September 2013.


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