Bike for Life by Manu Campa

Bike for Life by Manu Campa 8

One can almost smell the chrome and paint fresh off of the frames. But these are just hyper-realistic paintings. The series is called “Bike for Life” and the artist’s name is Manu Campa. Remember that name.

Manu Campa is a painter alright. But he is also a photographer and  a tremendous bike lover. Combine all three elements and you no longer have to wonder where the series of paintings titled “Bike for Life” really comes from.

But who is he? Manu Campa lives and works in his small studio in Madrid (Malasana, to be exact) , Spain. And that place is where he spent most of life in. But yes, he has exhibited in the Netherlands, England, as well as Spain and he is currently still working on his greatest passion, which are classic bicycles.

We did not want to disturb him at work. So here’s a small glimpse of his latest work…


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