BLEU DE CHANEL directed by James Grey featuring Gaspard Ulliel

Five years after the first BLEU DE CHANEL commercial directed by Oscar-winning Martin Scorsese, CHANEL revitalises the campaign with director James Gray, who takes over the helm to re-tell the story of the same hero, constantly shifting between fantasy and reality, played once again by actor Gaspard Ulliel (known for his triumph in the biopic “Saint Laurent”).

He is guided by an inner voice that tells him ‘You are forever becoming who you are – set to Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower.

I wanted to raise the issue of this craziness inherent to the film world“, explains James. “Within which we lead both a comfortable and an uncomfortable life. In a sense, that is almost a kind of vertigo that comes with the ridiculous and the overflow of attention”.

As for the perfume, it definitely needs no introductions. BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Parfum stands out with its noble freshness, borrowed from citrus orchards, the foliage of aromatic herbs and the explosive burst of vetiver root. Striking luminosity makes an immediate impact before giving way to a more enveloping and sensual sensation. This initial rush is accentuated by a woody vibration mixing cedar notes and amber aromas with vanilla and Venezuelan tonka bean. Touched with mystery, intensity reaches its height. Then, New Caledonian Sandalwood blossoms warmly and blends with the musky notes to give a rich and almost milky character to the fragrance.


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