Bushmills Irish Whiskey x Grado headphones

Elijah Wood and his friend Zach Cowie decided to combine the two things they love the most: Irish whiskey and music. And so they designed a special pair of headphones: the Bushmills Irish Whiskey x Grado Labs headphones. 

Frodo Baggins, the Lord of the Rings himself loved music and a good shot of liquor. And so does Elijah Wood and his best friend, not Sam, but Zach Cowie. And since friends can actually achieve miracles together, they decided to perform one themselves. To bring together two giants: Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Grado Labs in order to design and produce a unique line of headphones, made of wood and leather.

Sounds like an unlikely collaboration, yet this collaboration should not come as a surprise, since Brooklyn based Grado Labs is in fact celebrating 60 years of tradition in creating what’s known as probably the world’s best headphones. And these surely are refined like a fine whiskey. Designed by actor Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, the headphones feature recycled white oak bodies recovered from the wood of old barrels used by the Bushmills Distillery, and custom brown leather headbands and are priced at $395. So audiophiles, looking to incorporate more whiskey into their sound setup can now place their order, on Turntable Lab.

So, yes. To even say that these headphones have tons of street cred, would definitely be an understatement.


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