Case Inlet Retreat by MW Architects

Case Inlet Retreat by MW Architects 5

Introducing Case Inlet Retreat, nestled into a forested slope along the eastern edge of  the Case Inlet, Washington, designed by Seattle-based MW Architects. If this is not a cabin worthy of praise for its uncomplicated design, then we know nothing at all.

Concrete and glass make up the first impression of the houses’ structure,  the two materials actually married in a classic modern mold, while geometric lines set the tone for the interior.  Once you enter the house though, the cedar wood lined walls reveal a more rustic influence.

The cabin fits perfectly to its surrounding environment, making for an organic presence with the neighboring woods.

All in all, this is a building that functions well, eases the mind and soul, and pleases the eye. In addition, the integration of sustainable technologies like planted green roofs, solar power, water collection, recycled materials, and passive solar design doesn’t look and feel like an experiment. The thoughtful incorporation of these elements and principles early in the design process by MW Architects, produced a buildings  rich, appealing and most importantly, responsible. Would you ask for much more? Nope, we did not think so.

About MW Architects: The practice is a Seattle based design studio was formed back in 2007, offering architectural and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. 


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