Crux Watch by Marko Vuckovic

Crux Watch by Marko Vuckovic

Gentlemen, let us introduce you to the Crux watch by Belgrade based industrial designer Marko Vuckovic.

The Crux watch reminds one strongly of Karim Rashid’s designs. But this piece carries a different signature, the one of Marko Vuckovic. And yet the result, as a sentiment, is quite the same: enthusiasm.

“A good design helps us to understand a product, a good design sends a message, Crux watch sends clear message that we are not alone in the universe, we are not perfect as our God. Crux watch reflect σa turning point in my life, return to the primordial”, says 26-year-old, Belgrade based industrial designer Marko Vuckovic on his creation.

The hour hand turns around in an imaginary circle. And when it turns, it doesn’t quite touch the visual parts of the cross, while the minute hand is long and goes right to the end, actually representing hope. “These…hands are deep inside the watch, so deep that one would have to really be inside himself’herself. In order to find Faith”, he adds.

Marko Vuckovic is not only a believer, apparently, but clearly has a deep and profound relationship to arts. “Art has always been a passion of mine, and something I knew I would be doing. I spent many years drawing, painting in order to finded which art completely suits me. After high school I enrolled at the Polytechnic University in Belgrade (Industrial Design), and I realized that is what I want my life profession to be. Feel free to publish my work, but also feel free to send me an email about it with a link”, he admits smiling.


Vasilis Lagios, a Leica enthousiast, was recently found within an overwhelming social media time tunnel, lost among films and html codes. He always loses track of time, even in the presence of his sharp wristwatch. Enjoys the company of banana-chocolate ice cream in the heat, Hendrick’s and Macs. When he's not trying to track down the world’s last T3 VW to name his own. Knows the importance of when and how to wear the perfect shirt or pair of shoes. Design Father surprisingly has no wheels, but wings and is his only true child. And the proof that he is and always will be a scout. Probably even the last boy scout. Even if he truly has absolutely no fucking clue.

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