Dance Self-Portraits by Mickael Jou

Dance Self-Portraits by Mickael Jou 12

Dancer and photographer Mickael Jou merges is two passions in his “365 Photos” series. The Berlin-based creative seemingly defies gravity in some snaps, while others feature him in skillful dance poses. For the series he took a self-portrait for 365 days.

The 30-year-old has been dancing since he was 18 and says he can now combine his love of photos with dance.Mickael Jou was inspired after tourists stopped to snap pictures as he waltzed through the streets of Paris.

Tourists would quite often photograph and film me dancing in Paris, and after seeing the pictures they’d taken of me, I figured that I should try it out for myself”, says Mickael Jou. And so, after wandering around the Louvre in Paris for inspiration, he bought a camera and pored over the manual, until he knew exactly how to use all the features and time his dance moves to coincide with the shutter speed.

Over the past three years,he has collected an assortment of snaps which show him dancing through the air for his 365 photo project. “I’ve spent three years working on this 365 photo project and it will probably take another three years to finish it“, he adds.



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