Discology might not be of interest here. But Deskology surely is. It is an accessories manufacturer, yes. But what’s important here, is the love for the detail: all items are custom made entirely in the United States, whereas the minimalistic collection is comprised of a paper holder, doodad cup, card holder, and pen holder.
And, make no mistake, they all speak the Macintosh language fluently. Made entirely of aluminum, and designed to actually compliment the notorious shell casings of Apple’s Mac computers, seam to have simple, clean cut lines and are built for durability. Be careful though, although their fantastic pairing to the not-sad-at-all Macs is inevitable, they are not meant just for Mac-obsessed fanboys and gals, but for everyone. Although, admittedly, none of them would look quite the same next to a common black tower, whatsoever.


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