Duffel Bag by ÉSTIE

Duffel Bag by ÉSTIE

Perfect for short trips to take on board flights or train rides, our favourite duffel weekender bag by ÉSTIE, made entirely of full carbon and über premium leather with an amazing and luxurious wool lining, looks so cosy inside, you’ll actually be jealous of your clothes.

This roomy and organized design features carrying handles, an adjustable, removable leather shoulder strap and 1 internal zip pocket.

For years the designers at ÉSTIE have researched and studied about craftsmanship in the Oldest Capital of Northern Europe, Tallinn, Estonia. They met the most passionate families of tailors and craftsmen who have passed down their skills generation by generation and took it as a responsibility to bring craftsmanship back to the world, to bring you back to the time when everything was handcrafted, from beginning to end, by one master of his skill.
Which finally lead them to start ÉSTIE to bridge the gap between contemporary design and traditional artisan techniques. These people are nothing less than dreamers who believe in adventures and started ÉSTIE to accompany us in our everyday travels.

And do note this: each ÉSTIE bag comes with a certificate that is numbered, signed and dated by the artisan who made it.

See, our world constantly changes, it is nice to know there are a selected few who are here fto remind us of our roots while the world takes us to new adventures. Thumbs up, ÉSTIE.



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