Fallen Angel – Karolina Kurkova for Axe Excite

Fallen Angel

It doesn’t take a genius behind a desk to know that Karolina Kurkova would be the perfect fallen angel for the last Axe – Excite campaign. But it was obviously a genious who made it happen.The proportions of her body and her face, as well as her energy level, make her a model who could fit almost into any moment. That was what Mario Testino said when he first met her. And he was damn right. Czech Karolina Kurkova can be transformed into anything, from kitten to vamp. And she certainly is no stranger to wings. She has been proudly wearing them ever since 2000, when she first started walking down the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret.  And although we do prefer her in that very suitable Hitchcock-esque style she really owns, she can be, hands down, both a temptation and a juicy bite of paradise on earth. With or without wings.




Vasilis Lagios, a Leica enthousiast, was recently found within an overwhelming social media time tunnel, lost among films and html codes. He always loses track of time, even in the presence of his sharp wristwatch. Enjoys the company of banana-chocolate ice cream in the heat, Hendrick’s and Macs. When he's not trying to track down the world’s last T3 VW to name his own. Knows the importance of when and how to wear the perfect shirt or pair of shoes. Design Father surprisingly has no wheels, but wings and is his only true child. And the proof that he is and always will be a scout. Probably even the last boy scout. Even if he truly has absolutely no fucking clue.

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  • July 18, 2013

    Rina Perrone

    genius, not genious

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