H2 Apartments by 314 Architecture Studio

H2 Apartments by 314 Architecture Studio

Located in Athens’ Glyfada, the H2 Apartments, designed by 314 Architecture Studio offer unlimited view to the Argosaronic Sea and breathe environmental love. In times of crisis, simply precious.

314 Architecture Studio was formed and established back in 2002 by 35-year-old Athenian, Paul Chatziangelidi. This specific building is located in the area next to the golf court in Glyfada and consists of three one floor apartments (250m2 x 3). Each apartment has two small and one master bedroom.

But what’s really interesting is the atrium inside the building that provides light to secondary areas of the apartments, while also working as a funnel exit for warm air energy consumption in the summer months. Needless to say, but the houses are all equipped with the most environmental friendly technologies for energy saving. So it should not come as a surprise that the bioclimatic design and the positioning of the building with awnings in the south actually saves energy, while the connection between the building and the water creates a natural cooling system.


Architects: 314 Architecture Studio
Photography: Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

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