House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza

House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza 4

Described as the most radical house they have ever made, House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza is located in the beautiful city of Cádiz, Spain.

Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has constructed a radical residential property positioned at the edge of the Αtlantic ocean, where all the ships from the Mediterranean pass by as they head off into the Atlantic (referencing the endless sea that stretches out in front of the dwelling, the project is called “Ηouse of the infinite”). On a marvellous place like a piece of earthly paradise, at Cádiz, we have built an infinite plane facing the infinite sea,” he said.

To achieve the elevated horizontal plane, which is actually also the main living room of the house, the architect built a large box twenty meters wide and thirty six meters deep. Under the first twelve meters of the solid Roman travertine rock are two floors in which the whole living space resides. And to give an even greater force to the structure, Alberto Campo Baeza incorporated all the terrain as far back as the entrance wall, separating the residence from the street.

We have erected a house as if it were a jetty facing out to sea,” said the architect. “On this resoundingly horizontal plane, bare and denuded, we face out to the distant horizon.

The upper level of the building contains social rooms, including a living room with a circular skylight overhead and a covered balcony in front. This leads to a simple kitchen with a large dining area. The lowest level of the residence accommodates a series of bedrooms, positioned on either side of a communal central space that leads straight out to the beach.

And, by the way, do note that the entire structure was built from travertine stone, which Campo Baeza describes as a reference to Cádiz’s Roman heritage. The Romans were there a handful of centuries ago,” he explained. “Bolonia, the ruins of the Roman fishing factories where they produced garum and built temples to their gods, is just a stone’s throw away.



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