Hyper-realistic bathing ladies by surfer Hula

Hyper-realistic bathing ladies by surfer Hula 16

Hawaiian surfer and (New York- based) painter Sean Yoro, who goes by the name Hula, has combined his love of surfing and artistic talent to create this series of hyper-realistic paintings of bathing women at various seaside spots.

Taking a street-art style approach to abandoned spaces and untouched building façades only accessible by water, Hula’s artwork provides an odd serenity and surreal juxtaposition to these hard-to-reach canvases.

His subjects, all women who appear to be bathing or swimming, take on an extra layer of realism as their forms are reflected in the very real water below. 

The series of artworks comprises four female portraits, each painted with a distinct hyper-realism.

[All images shot by by New York-based photographer Aaron A.]


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