Impressive Mixed Media Paintings by Nicky Barkla

Nicky Barkla is a Down Under gal. And an emerging artist with a great sense of humour. That has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Crocodile Dundees. What’s mostly important about her, is her artwork. It’s not just what she does, but who she is, through it. She prefers the term “self-described mixed media artist”. Complicated enough for you? Hell, what only matters are her iconic pop portraits. The rest is bullshit. Spicy fact: she has only been using this beloved variety of materials of hers (including oil, acrylic, water colors, pencils and markers) for less than a year! And so she continues now creating these unique depictions of memorable characters, ranging from Spiderman to Gollum and Albert Einstein, making it seem like a walk in the park. Well, to use her own words, “it’s like putting a party hat on Darth Vader and telling him to cheer up”. Definitely here to stay, she is.


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