Inside Nick Wooster’s apartment

Inside Nick Wooster's apartment

Nick Wooster, menswear guru and Creative Director of Atrium NYC, opens the doors to his New York City apartment. Let’s have a look. 

He was once labeled by GQ “Internet Superstar Fashion Director”. Nick Wooster needs no particular introductions, though (mind this though: in 2005, Nick began the successful Wooster Consultancy and has since worked with clients such as as Thom Browne and Mac Cosmetics).  He definitely is a free agent, a rare phenomenon and my personal style icon.  A 53-year-old Manhattan based men’s fashion consultant, his tiny, yet absolutely fantastic apartment on Christopher Street, downtown New York City fully represents whatever it is he has on his mind and in his heart.

As for those work boots… They remind him of his dad. Who was a mechanic and used to wear a blue chambray shirt, Levi’s 501s and Red Wing boots every single day of his life. While his grandfather was a stockbroker,  a very dressed up guy. “I made a lot of my decisions based on the premise that my dad went to work and got his hands dirty and my grandfather didn’t have to and got dressed up – so I wanted that. My grandfather always wore a hat and I never saw him without a tie. Always immaculate. That was my aspiration”, Nick told GQ during an interview a couple of years ago.

And suddenly, it all makes so much more sense.


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