Introducing the typewriter of the 21st century: the Hemingwrite

Introducing the typewriter of the 21st century: the Hemingwrite 5

Hemingwrite, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, is a new digital consumer product for writing composition developed by Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul.

Hemingwrite features a distraction free experience with a singular focus on the writing experience – and it is engineered to last for decades. Probably the perfect old-school gift for all Hemingways out there, this is a single-purpose writing device that comes along in a beautiful retro design. Combining the simplicity of a word processor with just the necessary amount of modern technology to keep all writers focused on their purpose.

What the Kindle did for reading, we want to do for writing with the Hemingwrite,” said cofounder Patrick Paul of Hamtramck, Michigan. “Adam and I are huge fans of the simplicity of a typewriter but using one is tiresome and outdated. We set out to deliver the same distraction-free writing experience of a typewriter with all of the added benefits of modern technology: backups to the cloud, e-paper display, Cherry MX keyboard switches — and nothing else.”

I think what we created with our prototype is the best possible writing experience,” added cofounder Adam Leeb. “We combined all of the best aspects of the typewriter, the moleskine, and the computer to create a modern classic.


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