Introducing Vuhl 05 supercar from Mexico

Vuhl 05 supercar from Mexico

From Mexico with love: The brand new Vuhl 05 supercar was formally unveiled at the Royal Automobile Club in London a few days ago.

The car is the brainchild of Mexican brothers Guillermo and Iker Echeverria who formed the Mexico City/Detroit-based design agency, ETXE, that has worked on projects for numerous global brands before penning the 05 – a lightweight supercar for road and track in the vein of BAC Mono, Aerial Atom and KTM X-Bow. Powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder, this internationally-designed and manufactured roadster has been developed to take on the most extreme track-ready sports cars, such as the Ariel Atom, Lotus Elise and Radical SR3. As the company’s first creation, the 05 supercar is putting a premium on lightweight materials and racetrack-friendly driving dynamics.

Behind the 2-passenger cockpit sits a 285-horsepower turbocharged Ford “EcoBoost” 4-cylinder engine, coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. Thanks to its paltry curb weight, the Vuhl 05 is reportedly capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.7 seconds. Top speed is claimed to be 152 mph.

“Our background means the Vuhl 05 has been developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts,” said Iker Echeverria, who co-founded Vuhl Automotive along with his brother Guillermo. The two owe their passion for automobiles to their father, Guillermo Sr., who raced professionally for 30 years. “We were determined to create a highly intuitive machine that was both stirringly fast and immense fun to drive – a car we ourselves would want to own.”

Orders are being taken now and first deliveries are planned for spring 2014. The price in the U.K. (Vuhl has not mentioned a U.S. price, as of now) is £55,000 ($82,000).

Now that we think of it, wasn’t Speedy Gonzalez the fastest mouse in all Mexico? Hm, makes one think. Harder. Better. faster. Stronger.

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