Kamasugar lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

Kamasugar lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta 7

Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta has found a way to combine two of our favorite things in life: sex and sugar.

The latest work of still life conceptual photographer and multimedia New York City – based artist Massimo Gammacurta, the “KamaSugar” lollipops are in fact edible erotic treats, molded to resemble intimate positions from the ancient sex Bible.

This conceptual still life project takes indeed the term “sweet love making” to a whole new level, by re-interpreting the most famous kama sutra positions, sculpted in edible candy form – with strands of molten drips and drizzles.

Movement and sensuality are the dynamos that drive my creative engine“, the artist says of himself. “As a photographer, I strive to reveal the hidden facets of mundane objects and circumstances. Like actors in a play, my still life subjects act out the daily struggle for emotional balance within the frame and lens.  The challenge I continually undertake is: draw the viewer to the image and then make the trip inward more than worthwhile. Hopefully, not without some elegance, the photos I take can speak for me; as they reveal the friction and infectious energy of living I share with them“.

Erotic lollies? Yes, please. For big boys (and girls) only.



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