La Boite Concept Cube

La Boite Concept Cube 3

La Boite Concept has unveiled “The Cube,” the latest addition to its range of hi-fi speakers, as debuted at the design trade show Maison & Objet in Paris last week. This is your Hifi speaker coffee table sized for your laptop and wireless devices, designed by Timothée Cagniard and Samuel Accocebery.

The exclusive “Wide Stereo Sound” system means an effective enhancement of stereo effect and a wider, clear surrounding sound wherever you are located into your room. Traditional loudspeakers have an ideal stereo field that is restricted both in horizontal and in vertical ways. This restriction of stereo effect is progressively increased when people are getting closer of the loudspeakers, up to the point that it completely disappears when you stay in front or right above them. The LD 100’s Wide Stereo Sound system (patent pending) allows optimum listening while you are sitting or standing close to the speakers and even when you are moving through your room. Its active and passive crossover systems are also a part of the technical design which allows high-fidelity to remain clear at a low volume of sound when you are alone or louder, with many people, when you have a party as well.

This is the perfect all in one multimedia player without installation or configuration. A single plug would be all you need to fully operate the system.

All in all: La Boîte Concept Cube’s design acts a transitional piece, providing a high-quality sound system with the function and appearance of a side or coffee table.


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