La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation

Introducing La Fonction No.1 Mobile Workstation. Reflecting the rise in nomadism and digital, at a time when the way we view the office is changing radically, this bag allows you to carry and protect your laptop, and much much more. trans La Fonction No1 Mobile Workstation

Laptops, smartphones and tablets are making it possible to work where you want, when you want – sometimes at the price of confidentiality and often to the detriment of concentration. The piKs agency’s designers have come up with La Fonction no. 1 in response to this nomadic and communal office life. In other words, beneath the appearance of an incredibly functional leather satchel, lies a mobile workstation which folds out to protect the screen from reflections as well as prying eyes, guaranteeing the user’s isolation and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office.

La Fonction No. 1 is produced in a French leather-goods workshop in the Cévennes (production is local, in limited production runs, allowing customized commissions), a modestly-sized business where each model is produced as if it were unique. The result of several days’ labour, a long time is required for its complex assembly combining high-quality leathers with highly-resistant fabric.

Its result is the epitome of chic, combining timeless elegance and practicality. Yes, the tradition of the great French leather-workers and luggage-makers, interpreted for the benefit of the creative class. And do note this: the development of La Fonction No. 1 required two years’ work (!), one has to think of the development of a dozen prototypes, until the perfect first came out.

Thumbs up.


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