Layered wooden sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel

Layered wooden sculptures by Joshua Abarbanel

Introducing the amazing three-dimensional sculptures by Manchester born, Los Angeles raised artist Joshua Abarbanel.

Utilizing technological tools, handwork, and machinery, Joshua Abarbanel’s art is an on-going exploration of forms and patterns, using shapes, colors, and compositions evocative of biological, botanical, and geological structures. Finding inspiration in fractal patterns, accretive structures, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel creates work that often simultaneously evokes microscopic and aerial perspectives as metaphors for all relationships—between people, between individuals and communities, between humankind and the planet—and how disparate parts can come together to make a whole in sometimes beautiful and startling ways.

These unique three-dimensional sculptures are made up of cut wooden forms that are meticulously laid out and layered to form reef-like compositions of complex marine wonderlands, creating depth just like you’ll see on the ocean floor.

As an artist I explore forms and patterns, especially the colors, shapes, and compositions found in biological, botanical, and geological structures. I am interested in the relationship between the individual elements of structures and the larger forms of which they are a part“, says Joshua Abarbanel.

Entitled See Life: New Works by Joshua Abarbanel, the entire series is now on display at the Hinge Parallel Gallery in Culver City, California (until July 26, 2014).

This is eye candy and inspiration of the absolute finest.


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