LED light paintings by Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson , better known as Darius Twin, captures the lines he draws quickly in the air using a long exposure setting on his camera. The series is called “Lightpaintings”. 

Artist Darren Pearson aka Darius Twin uses LED light to create skeletal figures of people, animals and angels somewhere in Pasadena, California. Using a long exposure setting on his camera, he whizzes the light through the air to create lines, with each piece taking between two and five minutes to create.

Remember: Darren Pearson is a resident of Los Angeles, where he works as a fulltime illustrator by day. By night, he explores the varying landscapes of California in search of the perfect scene for one of his life-sized light-sculptures. These light-sculptures are created through long exposure photography (the same technique commonly used to write a name with a sparkler or capture car trails at night). Pearson makes complex light-effect photographs, none of which are photoshopped.

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