Linger A Little Longer by Jay Watson

Linger A Little Longer by Jay Watson 2

Jay Watson’s latest products, the intriguing Linger a Little Longer Table and Benches, have an understated design and a thermodynamic twist. Because they respond to the heat of your body.Remember when you were scolded for not using a coaster? Well, you really don’t have to worry about such things any more. Because the “Linger A Little Longer” table plus the matching benches (made entirely of black oak) have been designed by UK-based, Australian-born designer Jay Watson to incorporate a thermochromic finish which responds to the heat of any plate, mug, dish – or body part – to leave an ephemeral “watermark”.

A welcome addition to  the design of a hospitality or leisure environment, this piece is likely to spark many a conversation. Reacting once contact with the lacquered surface of the six-eight seater table reaches 27 degrees, the heat can create all kinds of familiar, humorous  and fascinating patterns, that gradually fade from a pale grey back to a deep black finish at room temperature. Working beautifully with the grain of the solid, locally sourced chestnut timber, these rings, smudges, fingerprints and patterns make this design a talking point.

Do note that a coffee table version is also available, as are bespoke commissions.

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