Little Wings by Alex Konahin

Little Wings by Alex Konahin 5

Introducing Alex Konahin and his recently completed work on a new series of ornate insect drawings, titled “Little Wings”. trans Little Wings by Alex Konahin

Alex Konahin is a  Ventspils-based (Latvia) graphic designer, illustrator and an artist, taking commissions in traditional media and his (insanely intricate, by the way) drawings are made with dip pen using india ink or other materials. His latest project, recently completed and published online, is a spectacularly simple and yet tough series of ornate insect drawings, titled “Little Wings”.

Do note though that this is the second time we stumble upon his majestic work. The first time being about his project, titled “Anatomy” with detailed renderings of all internal organs that actually mirror his obsessive focus for the illustrated line. And, by the way, should you come across his “Mexican Skulls” project, do take a closer look. It’s worth every second spent.

As for him… Not much is known, nor did it really have to be known. Alex Konahin was born in 1981 in north Caucasus near the beautiful Kuban river. He grew up in Latvia. And yet it took him about ten years to realise he simply had to follow his instincts and heart and dedicate his life to drawing. Something he had been doing all of his previous life, yet never professionally. And so he jumped. Thank God. Ever since then, he has been trying to create his very own world. On paper, that is.


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