Made of Money portraits by Evan Wondolowski

Evan Wondolowski has infused his obsession with money and turned it into art. Money does not only make the world go round.

Evan Wondolowski manages the impossible: to transform currency from the ultimate medium of exchange to a solid medium of expression. His fantastic portraits of 50 cent, Denis Rodman, Ron Paul and Barack Obama, are as strong as the medium of exchange itself. And different from anything else you have already seen. And yes, the money he uses for his art is longer valid as legal tender, he has layered them all with new value by stripping them down and reconstructing them into each artwork.

I’ve been obsessed with money for as long as I can remember. It’s the foundation of society and affects everything within it. Although people have become divided by politics, religions, and languages, we are all united by our collective dependence on money. My work transforms currency from a medium of exchange to a medium of expression. While the money used in these portraits is no longer valid as legal tender, its destruction has created an opportunity to create a new thing of value by simply reconstructing its parts“, the artist says. 

So, yeah, dear Liza. Money does make the world go round with that clinking clanking sound. Be it yens, bucks, pounds. But it can also make the world’s voice stronger, once transformed into a medium of expression. Like this. 

Thumbs up, mate.


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