Marvel Collages by Mr. Garcin

French artist Mr. Garcin uses hundreds of pages of comics to create fantastic collages in homage to the Marvel universe.

The masked comic collage artist, known as Mr. Garcin, has even produced iconic Marvel covers for Spider Man, Daredevil, Thor and Captain America – with all details and characters being cut by hand with patience, each collage takes over a month to be completed.

Now Mr. Garcin has released a time-lapse video, which shows exactly how he creates his amazing comic tableaus – to mark the 2014 London Comic Con- was shot using an array of Autographers – intelligent, wearable cameras. 

Starting my collages, I tried to keep what makes the identity of comics: highlight signs rather than deleting them. What exactly is the specificity of these comics, what is substance in them? The appeal lies not only in the scenario in the frame, “The Adventures of …” But especially in the way the rhythm is given by onomatopoeia, sound effects, which are literally the body in the boxes and push forward, animate characters, create the playback speed and communion with this particular medium. My scissors detach during a process I want to craft, almost awkward, it is a question of extracting the sounds of their ostensible industrious stories, the stripping of their hero, giving voice to the people. Because comics are a popular industry, then liberate the anonymous hidden in the scenes of the great frescoes and superlatives are usually figuration.

It is the bringing together of this great energy howls, screams, hysteria sound ostensible trapped there, and those who are transparency, which only appear within narrow limits. These elements usually coexist without seeing, do not communicate. This is the blind spot of the industry is what eventually cry sound apostrophe in its purity, and this is what, in my opinion, reveals the artistic dimension of the comics that I own tries to highlight and which is worthy to be exposed. With this emergence, a door opens for read intensive cultural consumption for decades, and reformulate the intensity and potential communion”, Mr. Garcin says.


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