Modern Tube House by MimANYSTUDIO + REAL

Modern Tube House by MimANYSTUDIO + REAL

Introducing the Modern Tube House designed by MimANYSTUDIO + REAL, situated in Bình Dương, Vietnam.

The 250.0sqm house, designed by architects MimA Tran, Joshua Levine is the perfect example of an eclectic home.

The  Modern Tube House is modeled after a traditional Hanoi tube house. These houses are so long and so deep that they typically have internal courtyards to provide natural light and natural ventilation at mid-block locations. Passage through the house is a movement between inside and outside, external space and internal space” stated the architects in charge. “We’ve taken this vernacular model and updated it”.


All images were shot by and are courtesy of MimANYSTUDIO.




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