Motorcycle Models by Pere Tarragó

Motorcycle Models by Pere Tarragó 5

Pere Tarragó is not just an artist, but a realcraftsman and a true perfectionist. And yes, he has been building models almost his entire life (classic motorcycle models on scale 1: 5  and 1:6, extremely faithful replicas).

Pere Tarragó took his first steps in the world of the modelism when he was a child with Meccano pieces. Immediately he wanted to do more things and he began to add his own pieces to obtain better results in perfection and realism. When he was 16 he made his first own car with Zinc plates and welded tin, with even taking advantage of some pieces from the Meccano.

Then a series of 7 cars completed his first collection, which increased his necessity of perfection. He wanted to know more and to improve his mountings. Immediately he found out that he needed more and better tools to obtain the effects that he was looking for, the conventional tools were no longer enough as he needed his own and very specific tools for his aims. During 10 years he experimented with all kinds of tools, winches, milling machines, autogenous welding systems, etc.. Due to the fact that he was very keen on real motorcycles, he began to build  classic motorcycles  (his own ones, Bultaco, Ossa, Montesa, etc.) on scale 1:6. Such was the quality of its creations that several magazines were interested in his work and many  published several articles on his scale models.

Because of the great quality of his products and the condition of unique pieces, several very outstanding organizations and companies have been interested in his work and have promoted his creations.


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