Motorman by Ronald Meijs

Motorman by Dutch designer Ronald Meijs 3

Dutch designer Ronald Meijs has created the Motorman, an electric moped that has become the “it” green machine for routine – easy riders throughout Europe.

More than half of the world population lives in cities where traffic is jammed. That simple fact got my designers mind thinking: which vehicle would be the perfect, most simple solution for city transport? I decided it should be a light electric motorbike. A bike that makes life lighter and easier, yet elegant and at a high level. The solution for the city, and a joy in the countryside“, says Ronald Meijs.

The Motorman may fit the legal definition of a moped, but it has no pedals. The drivetrain is fully electric – so no human power is required, at just 99 pounds (less than half the weight of a typical moped).  The Motorman—with its balloon tires, low-slung gas tank, oversized headlight, and spring-mounted leather seat—looks like a cross between a Schwinn cruiser and a 1915 Harley-Davidson. And we love it.

Do note this: the Motorman is currently available only in European Union countries (plus Norway and Switzerland). But it will be available in North America within next year.


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