Ornithocide by Spazuk

“Ornithocide” is Spazuk‘s most recent collection of soot paintings. It is a disturbing series featuring live and dead birds juxtaposed with various manmade devices designed to kill insects. Since this industrial revolution, we are quite comfortable with the idea that we can poison insects to seemingly cleanse our homes and protect our crops. We collectively and conveniently avoid thinking about the impacts of these suicidal choices. How can it make sense to lace our food and dwellings with poisons? How dare we impose these deadly choices on all other forms of life?

Like the classic “canary in the coal mine”, Spazuk reflects on the chocking population decline of insectivorous birds as a clear warning to humans that these toxins are making their way through the food chains and the natural cycles. Like a dark mirror, the death of millions of birds forces us to see the threat we pose to the planet and all living systems, including ourselves.

In a shift of perspective, Spazuk views a live bird is a symbol of freedom and hope. Let this be an inspiration for change.


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