Oto Cycles – The Vintage Electric Bikes

These classic vintage bikes come from Barcelona (with a whole lotta love) and have a touch of modernism to them – see, they are powered by an electric motor.

Called the Oto Cycles, the bikes are available in distinct styles with retro designs inspired from the 1950’s, perfect for enjoying the beautiful greenery around you with a silent motor powering your ride.

Oto Cycle was designed by a family of designers and engineers from Barcelona in Spain. All models are handmade and come with the option of being fully customized according to your choice of colors, tires, saddles, motors, battery and other components. Equipped with an LCD display, the OtoR model has a Brooks saddle and a 750w motor giving you speeds all the way up to 34 mph. The bikes are lightweight and provide about 26 miles of pedal-free riding.

The Oto Cycle is made up on lightweight steel and powered by a rear hub motor working on a 36-volt NCM battery. Two design models are available for the bikes – the Otok and Otor. The LCD screen is mounted on the handlebars draws power from the pedals. Here, you can see important navigational information, as a headlight in front of it illuminates your path.

Of course, once you reach the 26 miles mark, the battery of your Oto Cycle will require recharging. And this only happens if you’ve been riding at a constant speed of 15.5 mph all along, after which you can simply pedal along to for about 17 miles.



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