Pardon my Dust by Peter Han

The work of Peter Han is completely ephemeral. What he calls “Dynamic Sketches”, are in reality his drawings on a blackboard titled “Pardon my Dust”. 

“Pardon My Dust”, takes you into a world of art very much unexplored and discovers a unique sketch adventure that has become a very special art form. A canvas, many of us have seen, but never used, Peter Han has transformed into chalk art. Witness Peter’s incredible talent as he discusses how he achieves his calculated art of illustrating, he calls “Dynamic Sketching”.

Designer Peter Han (he rejects being called an artist) has worked as a conceptual designer for a number of different video games and films. Using only chalk, Han works with his students to let go of their preconceived notions about art and design by working in a fast, impermanent medium that always ends up being erased. The hope is to eventually free them from the idea of permanence and allow their ideas to grow through making mistakes.

In this short film titled “Pardon My Dust”, directed by Adriel de la Torre, we catch a quick glimpse of Han at work as he works with his students and draws some impressive illustrations that of course meet a fateful end under a felt eraser.



Directed by Adriel de la Torre

Filmed with the Red Scarlet

Camera by Roman Arriola and Freddy Duarte
Assistant Camera by Brandon Ruta
Edited by Roman Arriola
Executive Produced by Randy Martinez

Music by Tim Garland “The Architects Eye” from

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