Passport Doodles by Léonard Combier

Passport Doodles by Léonard Combier 4

Léonard Combier, who works primarily in black ink, is a French illustrator living in Berlin, who is best-known for his inkings on strangers’ passports.

Note this: If you want to get Combier’s free doodles on your passport, you can make a request on the artist’s Facebook page, but there’s just one rule: the passports sent, cannot have expired (#lol).

Combier draws detailed and unique designs on each passport he receives, using existing features such as visas, stamps, and patterns to enhance his work, and sometimes even squeezes in a provocative message, too. He says that he also tried to play with all the stamps and the visas to create drawings really related to the fact that they are on a passport.

Leonard’s passport doodles are not planned in advance, and incorporate elements such as passport stamps, visas, and other decorations into their design.


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