Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Introducing the new Ralph Lauren fragrance for men, Polo Red, that proves a fiery edge and daring confidence.

Like so much of what Ralph Lauren designs, Polo Red is inspired by his passion for cars and speed and brings an exciting edge to the Ralph Lauren fragrance portfolio.   The new scent brings seduction and a daring confidence, marking a new era for Polo fragrances, clearly inspired by pure adrenaline and  the Ralph Lauren Car Collection, one of the world’s most prestigious collections of exquisite cars. It is is a fiery mix of spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit and deep red wood that ignites the thrill-seeker in every man. “Polo Red was inspired by the qualities I love in a powerful car – speed, style and beauty”, admitted Ralph Lauren himself.

Managing to embody the risk-taker in every man and combining powerful notes in a woody, spicy fragrance to create an adrenaline rush of key ingredients, including Italian cedrat, red cranberry, lavandin, red sage, amber and coffee berry. Sounds complicated? It may be, but as long as it smells like it does, nobody cares about the chemistry.

As for its design, the high-gloss, opaque bottle is a striking, fiery red, mimicking the sleek curves of an automobile and featuring the iconic Polo pony logo, while the bottle is topped with a matte black cap to create a powerful appearance.

Last but certainly not least, we were thrilled with the heart-racing short film directed by Bruce Weber and starring Nacho Figueras for the Polo Red campaign.  And the film’s song, “Cut Me Some Slack,” was recorded by Sound City Players and sets the tone for the thrilling ride.


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