Renovated factory in Katowice by Grzegorz Layer

Renovated factory in Katowice by Grzegorz Layer 9

Grzegorz Layer Architekt turned an abandoned textile factory located in the city of Katowice, Poland, into a tailor’s showroom and workshop.

In Katowice an old and abandoned textile factory gained a new life after several months of extensive renovations. One part of the building was adopted to became a tailor’s workshop and a showroom of – men fashion producer. The brand’s philosophy assumes providing hand-crafted issues of unique men apparel accessories, i.e. ties, pocket handkerchiefs and foulards.

The refurbished textile manufactory is located in an engaging street that attempts to prove its cultural aspirations and design potential. Historic building’s interior was arranged to combine both the production functions and the sales area. The entire property has approximately 100 sq m and is partitioned into two zones. The part employed as the sales area and the office preserves the historic character of the textile industry’s interiors with remarkable mezzanine and examples of production residues, i.e. hooks, hangers and lamps. The other partition is a tailor’s workshop filled with machinery and storage racks.

The design’s idea was to tidy-up the insides after previous reconstructions. Originally there were five separate rooms, whereas currently it is only one open space. The interior is lit with sunlight through large shop windows placed either in the building’s façade and in its back. These are ideal conditions for a proper product display and work atmosphere in general. Most of the business’ activities happen indoors. Interestingly the non-sales’ workplace is not isolated whatsoever. Thus, clients do have contact with the production process and may literally see the products’ development stages to learn about the company from the inside.

The interior is kept in light colours that emphasise the location’s spaciousness and capacity. Moreover, the building’s restored original elements, i.e. old bricks, natural woodwork and steel constructions, as well as the concrete flooring with irregular texture prove its industrial character. Additionally a juxtaposition of showroom owner’s antique furniture and modern, minimalistic forms complement the comprehensive design.


[All images shot by and courtesy of: Dorota Zyguła-Siemieńska.]


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