Retro-style electric bike by Cykno

Retro-style electric bike by Cykno 2

It is difficult to consider Cykno as a bicycle. It is an eclectic vehicle, which was designed to meet the needs for mobility, while maintaining a low environmental impact. 

This vintage-inspired, electric-enhanced eBike provides pedal assist power for long rides with an increased pace.  Hills, wind and rough terrain are no match for the Cykno, as the internal battery and motor system even out the creases for a smooth, pleasurable ride. Inside the frame, a 250 watt or 500 watt battery provides 60km of pedal-assist cruising on a single charge.  While resting, the Cykno can recharge in 4 hours on a standard plug, ready to ride again at the end of the work day or the following morning.

Cykno is an exclusive and precious solution for an evolved and conscious clients who is aware of sustainable mobility issues. Vintage style design, innovative and fine materials combined with a precise made in Italy technology and production.  It is the result of an idea – a dream – of Bruno Greppi, a great engineer and innovator in the motorbike field, in collaboration with the Luca Scopel, a designer who is specialized in the development of concept and luxury products. Cykno is the tangible outcome resulting from the collaboration between Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, gurus of Italian advertising over the past 30 years and through the active participation of some managers of finance.



Motor: Swedish central motor mounted on a carbon fiber cradle which is perfect coupled to the frame

Frame: Monocoque carbon fiber frame, Wheelbase 139cm

Saddle: Suspended on a stainless steel high resistance foil made on client specific size

Brakes: Radial master cilynders with carbon fiber levers; 203mm stainless steel brake discs mounted on anodizing aluminum hubs, Radial brake calipers

Pedelec system: With torque control

Aluminium Parts: All aluminum parts as pedals, handlebar pipe, front fork brackets and rear caliber bracket are made in Italy under specific design by Cnc machinering from billet.



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