The Secret Life of Heros by Grég Guillemin

The Secret Life of Heros by Grég Guillemin cover

French artist Grég Guillemin peeks into the private lives of very well known comic book characters. The series is called “The Secret Life of Heroes”. And will soon be a book..

In case you ever wondered what superheroes do when they are not in the spotlight, saving someone’s life, well, here you go. These fantastic post-pop style compositions manage to actually provide the answer to that very question with a humorous glimpse into the extraordinary domestic lives and daily routine of characters such as Spiderman, Yoda, Snow White and Superman.

Two years ago, I started a collection called the “Secret Life of Heroes”, imagining my favorite heroes in their not-so-interesting domestic lives doing not-so-extraordinary activities. Later with the “Pop Icons” series, I extended my work to other parodic subjects, mixing symbols, brands, stars and characters together to put them in funny situations while keeping the same aesthetics and techniques I used with heroes”, says Grég Guillemin.

Love it? Than you can help fund this project, on Kickstarter. “For Your Eyes Only” also coincides with the exhibition of the collection at La Galerie Lacroix, paris from february 6 through march 30, 2015.


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