Serene Icebergs by photographer Michael Leggero

Serene Icebergs by photographer Michael Leggero 8

Proudly standing in the middle of the Antarctic, these giant icebergs, almost from an unearthly world, were captured by American photographer Michael Leggero and his Nikon D4.

My images show pure nature, as that is how I describe Antarctica, simply pure nature”, says the 43 year old, of Carthage, New York. “It is the only place on our planet that humans have not left a presence behind”.

Michael Leggero has been a professional photographer and photography instructor for over 20 years.  His work has been published in magazines and often in textbooks inspiring young students to learn about the world.  Currently he gets the most enjoyment from leading workshops and educating other photographers helping them see and experience nature like they haven’t imagined yet.

He travels the world enjoying nature and our environment.  It’s completely amazing how cultures and landscapes are diveresly different only a few hour plane ride from home.  “Get out and see this planet, the world won’t be here forever.  We need to show how beautiful our environment and our eco-system is“, he says.

All images courtesy of Michael Leggero/Hotspotmedia/Visual Press Agency.


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