Smart Fortwo by Colette

Smart Fortwo by Colette

Parisian boutique Colette is turning 18 soon and in order to celebrate they thought to start with this: the presentation of the 2016  Smart Fortwo designed by Colette ad therefore highly collectible. See, only 18 cars will be built and sold – worldwide.

It boasts a grey anthracite exterior and black leather interior with hits of the now iconic colette blue. Additionally, Colette is hosting a special giveaway, where anybody born in 1997 can participate to actually win it.

Colette, which opened in 1997 on Rue Saint-Honoré in the sophisticated 1st arrondissement of Paris, is not like a conventional shop. Since it was established, colette has redefined shopping. Spread across three floors, it has everything that gets a design-lover’s pulse racing – from exclusive fashion to books, cosmetics, music and electronic gadgets. colette doesn’t just sell products from well-known brands: one of the things that make colette unique is its mix of products from established names and young designers and artists. On more than one occasion colette has been responsible for bringing fame to previously little-known names.


139 300x200 Smart Fortwo by Colette


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