SoftLab for Melissa’s New York flagship store

American design studio SoftLab attached 20,000 translucent flowers to a flexible plastic mesh to create this fantastic installation for the Brazilian shoe brand Melissa’s New York flagship store.

Melissa’s New York flagship store is now one of Green Streets most vibrant boutiques with a new installation by SoftLab titled “We Are Flowers”, a massive art piece (consisting of no less than 20,000 translucent flowers) .

Although SoftLab used significant digital technology to develop this installation, the team hopes that it remains mostly hidden in order for everyone to experience the magic of a hanging garden of flowers. “We imagine this installation as an extension of the We Are Flowers collection by Melissa: technically innovative with attention to every detail, but first and foremost a design that expresses sensuality through its form and brings joy and color to the Melissa experience”, says Michael Szivos, Creative Director of SoftLab.

The engineered nature of the installation is tempered by the delicacy and exuberance of the thousands of colorful petals that are attached to the surface. These flowers are placed in a more natural arrangement to combine the flowers and structural surface in a way that resembles a natural canopy of flowers. This canopy hangs down into the gallery at specific places to make the installation much more immersive and spatial. The hanging collective drapes down through the yellow spiral staircase from the first floor, making its way into the basement level of the shop.



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