The Fibra de Carbono Rosso: An Alfa Romeo Spider Given the Vilner Special Treatment

The Fibra dе Carbono Rosso: An Alfa Romeo Spider Given the Vilner Special Treatment

The Alfa Romeo Spider is a piece of art in its own right, but when it gets a makeover from the Vilner Studio crew, it is elevated to a class of its own.

Please enjoy the Alfa Spider Fibra de Carbono Rosso…

The most obvious change is on the outside, in the bespoke colour Vilner Milano Rosso, developed by the studio. The niches housing the headlights were also painted in Milano Rosso, with a detailed application of black lacquer ring surrounds providing continuity between the taillights and the headlights. Other external details such as the tarry alloys, door handles and blinkers have also been modified to complete the upgraded look of the car.

Given that this is a convertible, however, the interior was an integral part of the redesign: The seats of the Fibra de Carbono Rosso are upholstered in cherry blossom red and black leather, the design of the driver’s seat inverted to create a negative mirror effect with the passenger-side seat, a scheme extended to include the door panels. The central part of the seats features a special structure made of a porous material named the 3D net, which not only highlights the car’s sporty character, but also provides ventilation during hot summer days.  Seat belts in cherry purple red accent the individualized colour scheme.

The colour of the exterior also permeates into the cabin through the appliqués made of a specially created carbon fibre and Kevlar composite, which were applied at a precise 45-degree angle to many of the cockpit’s details, including the centre console and the steering wheel, while the door handles are moulded from carbon fibre. The steering wheel itself has been entirely transformed, its shape remodelled to include a bezel at the bottom for a more ergonomic grip. Furthermore, it has been upholstered in leather with contrasting white stitching.

The attention to detail is obvious throughout, making the Fibra de Carbono Rosso a prime example of striking the perfect harmony between the classic character of the Alfa Spider and Vilner’s edgy aesthetic.

Technical Specifications:

The 2010 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.4 JTDm is a front wheel drive (FWD), two-door, two-seat cabriolet /convertible coupe, with a 6-speed manual transmission, equipped with a 2.4 litre / 2387cc front-mounted engine which produces a maximum power output of 250 hp (chip tuned) and maximum torque of 420 Nm.

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