The Forest House in Mexico by EMA

The Forest House in Mexico by EMA 2

The Forest House is located in the mountains of Mazamitla, about 120 kilometres away from Guadalajara, Mexico. Surrounded by a thick pine forest, this jewel of a house carries the signature of EMA

Rocks, soil, pines … Those were actually the premise and the constant inspiration for the project, meaning the Forest House, designed by EMA.

Yes, this house manages to boldly come out from the surrounding stones, which shape the containing walls and the basement of the residence. But it’s the intersection of the two volumes at different heights that generates a path in the landscape, which makes the most of the natural slope and brings out the panoramic views.

“The boundaries of a built space are known under the name of floor, wall, ceiling. The boundaries of a landscape have the same structure and are ground, horizon and sky. The existential aim of building is to transform a site in a place, discover the meanings potentially present in a given environment.”

We instantly fell in love with the entrance to the house that is -more or less- sandwiched between the stones of the mountain and a wall with a direct view from inside the house to that same stonewall. This access corridor, hidden between artificial and natural elements- provides some extra drama upon entering this magical residence.

To put it in a nut shell: this magnificent rectangular wooden “box”, reminds one of the tree house frames from above the wooded landscape that surround it.


All images were shot by (and are courtesy of): Patricia Hernández

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