The Stander Rocking iPhone Dock by Che-Yu Lu

The Stander Rocking iPhone Dock

It looks far more complex than it actually is. Because the Stander Rocking iPhone Dock, designed by Che-Yu Lu, borrows movement, similar to that of a rocking chair. Yes, this is far more than just an ordinary dock.

Many use their iPhones to handle most of the day’s phone calls. In this case, investing in a decent phone dock for your iPhone could mean the world. The Stander Rocking iPhone Dock, is certainly one excellent possibility. To make things clear, this particular dock keeps the iPhone safe and allows the phone to actually stand up, each time the user receives a call – it also rocks back and forth to give you a visual notification when you get a call.

And yes, a built in speaker also provides amplified sound for music playback or conferencing.


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